Now's Our Chance:

Tell Lansing to Restore Workers' Rights

For the first time in decades, we have pro-worker majorities in the legislature who can pass laws to level the playing field for working people in Michigan.

Check if your representative is pro worker:

For decades, anti-worker legislators in Lansing have attacked workers’ rights and passed dozens of laws to restrict their freedoms.

We have the chance to change all that. Expanding workers’ rights laws will protect workers’ safety. That includes guaranteeing nurses the right to put patient care ahead of profit and making sure construction workers can speak up when they’re unsafe at work.

But we can’t do it without your help.

States across the nation are moving to roll back workplace protections for children — but Michigan’s working to protect our kids from exploitation.


Michigan’s outdated unemployment system lags far behind other states. Tell the legislature to restore Michigan’s unemployment.

Repeal the 80/20 Rule

Public servants face state interference in their healthcare decisions. Tell the legislature to repeal the 80/20 rule.

Local Control

Local leaders cannot make decisions about things like wages and sick leave because of laws that took local democracy away.

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Join the fight to make Michigan a workers’ rights state

Fight for laws and policies to protect your rights, on and off the job.

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Who We Are

Hardworking Michiganders are the bedrock of the American dream. They put in the long, grueling hours. to build the cars we drive, educate our children, care for the sick, keep the lights on, and ensure our trains and buses run on time.

The labor movement has worked hard to guarantee these hard-working Michiganders are treated fairly, both on and off the job. The labor movement fought for and won the 40-hour workweek, health and safety, wrongful termination laws — the list goes on. At a time when progress in Washington DC has stalled out in partisan gridlock, it’s more important than ever to turn our focus to state legislatures and local government.

That’s why we created Michigan AFL-CIO Advocates, a public-advocacy organization, to advocate in Lansing and in local governments for important policy changes.