Restore Unemployment Insurance

Call your legislators:

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Call (844) 596-0387 or click the button below to be connected with your legislators. Tell them you want to restore unemployment insurance to 26 weeks. Staff will record that you’ve called and inform the representative of your position.

Make a Call

Write your legislators:

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One of the most important ways we can influence legislation is by contacting elected officials directly. If you send them a letter with your name, address, and they’ll write back to you.
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All Michigan’s workers want is to have a middle-class life with wages they can raise their families on. But for too long, anti-worker forces in the legislature have made that harder and harder.

We all have a family member or loved one who has experienced job loss. But corporate lobbyists have made it hard to apply for and receive unemployment benefits. Even worse, they shortened the length of unemployment benefits in Michigan to be six weeks shorter than surrounding states like Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. That means it’s even harder for Michiganders to get back on their feet after plant closures and layoffs. 

Tell the Michigan legislature enough is enough — restore unemployment to 26 weeks.

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