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Michigan’s nurses and healthcare professionals work day in and day out caring for the most vulnerable members of our population.

But since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a hospital staffing and patient safety crisis. 

In independent polling, 42 percent of Michigan nurses report they know of a patient who died because of registered nurse understaffing. The majority of nurses report that they would stay at, or return to, the bedside if the Safe Patient Care Act passes. 

The Safe Patient Care Act is a bipartisan package will help save lives and keep nurses working at the bedside by:

  • SB 334: Establishing safe limits on hospital nurses’ assignments so that everyone can get safe, quality care no matter where they live.
  • SB 335: Curbing the rampant use of forced RN overtime so that care isn’t compromised by an exhausted or sleep-deprived nurse.
  • SB 336: Requiring hospitals to disclose to the public their actual nurse-to-patient ratios so that consumers can make informed choices.

Tell the Michigan Legislature — pass the Safe Patient Care Act.

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