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Call (281) 801-9635 or click the button to be connected with legislators. Tell them you want to “repeal the Death Star Bill” and to restore Project Labor Agreements. Staff will inform the representative.

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Click the button below to write a letter to your elected officials asking them to restore local control! The letter will go directly to your legislator’s office and has a big impact on whether or not legislation is voted on.

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We all want benefits like good wages, paid sick leave, and fair scheduling, and restoring local control will allow communities to better offer those things to serve the needs of their residents.

But right now, our local leaders cannot make decisions about things like wages and sick leave for their communities because of laws pushed by corporate lobbyists— like the Death Star Bill — that took local democracy away.

This tactic of abusive preemption is a way to take power away from the people, local communities, and local elected officials; just like gerrymandering and voter suppression, it only furthers inequality.

Senate Bills 170 and 171 and House Bills 4231 and 4237 change that. And we need your help to get those bills over the finish line.

Our legislature has already gotten a lot done for working people this year, but we must build on that work and safeguard communities and restore the voices of Michiganders at the local level.

We all deserve to have our voices heard, and restoring local control will give power back to voters and the local leaders they elected to represent them. Tell your legislators to restore local control!

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