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Call (231) 265-8373 or click the button below to be connected with your legislators. Tell them you want to repeal Public Act 152 of 2011 and do better for our public servants. Staff will record that you’ve called and inform the representative of your position.

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One of the most important ways we can influence legislation is by contacting elected officials directly. If you send them a letter with your name and address, they’ll write back to you.

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All Michigan workers want to make a good living with good benefits, like affordable, quality healthcare. However, our public servants face an unfair burden when it comes to paying for their health insurance and lack a voice in their healthcare selection process. 

Years ago, the anti-worker Snyder administration passed the 80/20 rule (PA 152 of 2011), which places unfair and complicated restrictions on public-sector employee healthcare. As healthcare costs skyrocket, everyday municipal workers, teachers, social workers, and sanitation workers are forced to take on more and more of the burden while employers rake in record profits. What’s worse, workers are barred from negotiating for a better deal. This is unacceptable, and Michigan must do better for our workers.

Tell your legislator that it’s time to end Lansing’s one-size-fits-all approach to how local governments negotiate health care with their employees and to refer this issue back to the bargaining table, where it belongs. Contact your legislator today and ask them to repeal the 80/20 healthcare rule.

Tell the Michigan legislature – repeal the 80/20 healthcare rule.

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